For the Healthy Height of your Child

You’re so happy your little boy or girl is growing up, becoming more sensitive and mature and suddenly showing a lot of responsibility. There are simultaneously a lot of bodily changes your kid is grappling with. You want to be there for your child and lend a helping hand with the physical upheaval and emotional overhaul that your young one’s system needs. One of the most common concerns with growing kids is the issue of gaining a good height. Since this is a detrimental age for physical growth, it is justified for you to be concerned. Height is mainly governed by genetics of the family. Your height and your spouse’s height will be a major factor determining the upward distance your child’s body is set to traverse. Both you and your spouse being short does not imply that your child is ordained to that height. At the same time, both the parents being tall doesn’t necessarily mean that your little one will stretch and grow 6 feet tall in no time! Medical science claims that physical growth does not stop till mid-twenties.

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  • Treatment of All Diseases of Children and Newborns
– Abdominal Pain
– Cough
– Diarrhea
– Earache
– Fever
– Skin Rashes
– Runny Nose
– Sore Throats
– Vomiting
– Wheezing
– Feeding problem
– Excessive crying
– Failure to thrive
– Poor weight gain
– Growth retardation
– Need for nebulization
  • Prevention of Diseases of Children
– All vaccinations
– Advice regarding diet
– Parenting tips and counseling
  • Teenage
​- Growth and Development Visit
– Teenage Illness Consultation
– Vaccinations – Routine, Overdue/Missed vaccines.
– Diet  for Teenagers
– Counseling Sessions –Managing teenagers
  • Vaccination Centre
– Highest Quality Vaccines Used
– No Storage of Vaccines
– Only Single Dose Vaccines used
– Follow IAP Vaccination Schedule
– Free Growth & Development Assessment on vaccination day
– All Latest vaccines available
– Routine and overdue/missed Vaccination facility
– Adult Vaccinations


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