Naso Bronchial Allergies (Pulmonology in Children and Adults)

Dr Sachinder Jain Nawal (paediatrician and pulmonologist) is talking about naso-bronchial allergies in children as well as Adults. The Nose to wind pipe and lungs constitute naso-bronchial system in children as well as Adults. In fact, In Children especially, There is a familial predisposition to this problem.It can vary in intensity from small frequent colds to severe asthmatic attacks leading hospitalisation. Precipitating factors are any or many of these factors like dust smoke pollen from plants animal danders smells and odours viral infections changing season.normally on exposure to precipitating factors reversible obstruction of airway happens.Treatment is always prevention and bronchodilator with anti-inflammatories. Its an adequate treatment principal means treat till u have a problem.Other principal is step up and step down principal.It means more the problem step up the treatment and lesser the problem step down the treatment.


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