Safe Summer for Kids

Summers for kids are very crucial as it is the time of the year that they get to do a lot. It is the holiday season for kids and kids love to play. There are risks involved everywhere so apart from the good things that kids can be a part of, there are things that you should be concerned about as a parent. Some dangerous effect of the sun’s exposure on the skin includes sunburn, photosensitive reactions (rashes), and cell and tissue damage.

Kids are generally very prone to rashes. In summer kids need to be hydrated well. A proper and adequate amount of fluid should remain in the body of kids to maintain the fluid balance in the summers. Juices can play a very vital role in maintaining the liquid balance in the body. The kids should have breathable material on their body. A thin pure loose cotton dress, shorts can make kids skin glow and breathe even in summers. Sun exposures should be avoided.

Kids should have a fun activity which makes them energetic. Parents can take kids to pools and waterparks for a fun time. We have come up with a list of thing that you should keep in mind which going to help you in taking care of your kid.

 Beat the heat

  • Maintain Hygiene: It is important to be in a healthy environment. Environment influences health at a greater extent.
  • Have summer drinks: Proper maintenance of fluid in the body is required in summers. With a heavy liquid loss in summer, the fulfillment of liquid is needed. The water loss in the summer can create a great problem. To overcome this loss, intake of water should be increased. It is not necessary to take only water, other Liquids can take the place of water as well. Lemon water can work great. Other alternatives like juices, buttermilk are a great source for fluid in summer.
  • Intake of vitamins: Intake of vitamin C keeps the immune system strengthened. It helps in building immunity to fight back diseases.
  • Small meals: Fluid intake should be maximized in summers. Small meals are recommended. The digestion process produces more heat in the body. To avoid this extra heat in the body, small meals should be taken. Buttermilk or curd can be added in the meal to enhance the digestion in summers.
  • Should not be in sun for long: Kids should not be in the sun for a longer duration.
  • Should not play empty stomach: Empty stomach will have no carbs and energy to function which will make kids more prone to fatigue.
  • Outdoor games: Outdoor games may demand an increase in the amount of energy and stamina from the kids. They can be encouraged for indoor badminton or table tennis. Outdoor games are not recommended in summers.

Keep mosquitoes and bugs away

The unhealthy environment can be the reason for such problems. Being in a clean environment can work. The clean environment leads to a healthy lifestyle. The mosquitoes and bugs are the carriers of diseases. The diseases like Aedes, Malaria, Dengue mainly caused by mosquitoes can be life risking for children.

Water requirements for kids

Water loss in summers is at the highest level. The body loses its water by sweating. To maintain the balance of water loss, water should be taken at regular intervals. Kids need hydration. They need an adequate amount of water. The following could be used for maintaining proper hydration in kidswater requirement

  • Packing a water bottle for school and when you go out. Frozen bottle in summer can work well.
  • Encourage the child to drink water before, after and during physical activity to maintain the water loss of the body.
  • Water should always be offered with meals and snacks.
  • Encourage your child to drink water.
  • Teach them the importance of water.
  • Make them understand the summer mechanism of sweating.
  • Other fluids such as milk, juice and sweetened drinks can also be an alternative for kids to have tasty.
  • Kids love juices and drinks. This helps them to have an extra fluid intake.

Prevent Injuries

  • They should always be supervised around fall hazards, such as staircases and playground equipment.
  • A check on the playground should be maintained to make sure the surfaces under the equipment are safe, soft and well-maintained.
  • Take note that your child has a helmet for bike riding, rollerblading and using a scooter.
  • Teach your child basic road safety rules. How to use hand signals while riding a bike and to look out for cars and pedestrians can be the common things to know?
  • Eating outdoors at a barbecue or picnic, note that salmonella is more common in children in the summer months due to the warm and dry weather. Children and even elder people with a weaker immune system are more likely to be hospitalized for food poisoning.
  • Make sure to refrigerate or freeze perishables, prepared foods, and leftovers within two hours.

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