Heat Stroke in Kids

The days are getting hotter and it’s no surprise. Since parents put pressure on their children to play outdoors rather than to see them glue themselves in front of their television sets it is important to learn how to protect your child from heat stroke and dehydration. Even though heat stroke is a common condition that occurs it is regarded as a medical emergency, and untreated heatstroke can cause permanent damage or even result in death.

Before, you tell little Jack that all work and no play makes him a dull boy as parents you should be mindful against the dangers of heat illness and seek the advice of a child specialist in Gurgaon to better prepare yourself for the sunny days to come.

What is heat stroke?

Heatstroke’s also known as a sunstroke happen usually during a heat wave or prolonged exposure, physical exertion in very hot weather. It is a condition that is most commonly marked by fever and more often by unconsciousness. When exposed to heavy temperatures the temperature regulating mechanism in the body fails to function properly which will lead to your body overheating.  

As adults, we can detect the early signs of heatstroke and help ourselves out before it gets worse. However, children are susceptible to falling prey to heat illness if not cared for properly. A few of the symptoms of heatstroke include thirst, fatigue, dry lips and tongue and lack of energy. Child clinics and child doctors advise young mothers regarding heat stroke and the care that can be given at home. If you wish to know better about heat exposure and the care that is due to be given during heat exhaustion the child specialists in Gurgaon will be of great help to you in order to be prepared.  

Heat stroke

The basic treatment for heatstroke would be lowering your body temperature by cooling yourself.  This is usually done by removing any unnecessary clothing and moving the person affected to a cooler area. Cooling strategies include wetting the skin from a piece of cloth or sponge, application of ice packs, ice baths, etc. However, since it is better to be safe than sorry, the advice of a specialist is recommended.

Choosing a pediatrician or child clinic may pose as a problem for young mothers. It is important that certain aspects are to be taken into consideration before a judgment call is made,

  • Experience – It is up to you to decide whether the child specialist is a professional who has relevant experience in the field of work. Be sure to choose a child doctor that has extensive knowledge regarding the subject. Pediatricians who have awards or accolades to their name are also reliable to depend upon.  
  • Location – Choosing a child clinic to visit who is in your area or close by, is vital when it comes to responding to medical emergencies.
  • Trust and Confidentiality – Being comfortable with your specialist is crucial, not only for the parents and child but also for the doctor as well. The best treatment can be given if problems are discussed openly. If the problem is discussed freely in detail, the desired results can be achieved. Make sure that the medical institution or child clinic you choose has maintained a reputation of confidentiality between the patients and the pediatricians.
  • Cost –Though costs may vary, depending on the quality of the treatment you seek and clinic or child doctor you visit, it is an important factor to consider.

One of the best child specialists in Gurgaon includes Dr. Sachinder Jain Nawal who has a vast experience in Pediatrics and has cured thousands of children in the city and the areas nearby. His educational qualifications deem him to be well versed in his field with an MBBS and Bachelor’s in Surgery from AFMC. The experience of 23 years as a Pediatrician and Pulmonologist and the expertise with which he deals with patients is unmatchable and incredible.

Heat strokes arrive unexpectedly even though it is known to be expected during hot seasons. Despite that, to ensure that your child can enjoy their holiday basking under the sun or play wildly to their heart’s content it is best to take steps to keep your child hydrated and healthy.

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