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Tips for Parents By Best Child Specialist in Gurgaon

Watching the first baby steps of your child or watching him grow up is an utmost joy, which comes second to none. However, apart from giving all the necessary amenities to your child and showering him with all the love and blessing are we doing enough? Or do we know what our child’s health demands? Sometimes what you consider as a mild cold in your child could be a sign of some allergy, or if your child shows certain behavior abnormalities you would simply brush it off saying everyone is different. Ignoring these little problems could be a matter of a great deal for your child in the long term. Therefore, parenting tips and counseling play a major role in understanding your child in a better way. Dr. Sachindar Jain Nawal is the best child specialist in Gurgaon who will provide you with the right knowledge and tips to ensure the good health and overall development of your child. Some of the common concerns of growing children for which Dr. Sachindar Jain Nawal provides counseling are

Best Child Specialist Provide Counseling Are:-

Naso-bronchial and other allergies in children

Being a parent it is your utmost duty to monitor if your child is frequently suffering from a cough and cold, which sometimes can be more than just a common cold. It is important to take preventive measures and consult and take tips on managing the allergies and asthmatic conditions in your child. Food allergies also need to be figured out to avoid complications. Our best Child specialist doctor provides counseling in Gurgaon on how to use an inhaler for your child and on keeping a track record of asthmatic attacks of your child.

Depression in children

It is a false notion that depression is specific to only grown-ups. Even children tend to suffer from depression at large. Dr. Sachindar Jain Nawal gives counseling to the parents to keep a check on their childish behavior and note any self-deprecating talk or irritable behavior which seems out of the character of the child. Dr. Sachindar also advised parents on keeping a journal and if any of the signs and symptoms persist book an appointment with best child specialist in Gurgaon.

Fever in children

Dr. Sachindar Jain Nawal gives parenting tips on how you can detect and monitor the high fever in your newborn or children. He advises that children below 3 months of age, who are suffering from high fever must be given immediate medical care as it could be signs of an underlying condition. If your child is 6 months or above of age and his feer persists for a period of more than 24 hours then seeking medical help is necessary.

Right Development of the Child By Best Child Specialist in Gurgaon

A child’s growth both physically and mentally is a matter of great pride for parents. Some of the main concerns in a child’s development are the right weight and height of a child.  Dr. Sachindar Jain Nawal is an expert in parenting counseling, where he gives valuable tips to parents regarding the right diet, nutrients, and exercises that are vital for your child’s growth and development.

What are simple activities for a 4-year-old boy?

A 4-year-old boy needs regular physical Activity. It is the growing age for children. The body needs exercise for mental and physical growth. The growing tissues need strength for development. This is the time of motor development where big muscles are developed and exercises play a vital role in growth. Here are some exercises which help in the growth of the child:

  • Running: It can be one of the best exercises for children. This develops the big muscles of the body of a child. Running increases strength, stamina, and endurance. It also helps in increasing the height of the child.
  • Jumping: This has proved to be one of the most interesting exercises. The jumping activity builds strength. It helps in developing cardiovascular fitness.
  • Squats and Lunges: These exercises increase muscle strength and flexibility. These are also involved in toning exercises. This also helps in maintaining good posture.
  • Exercise games: This is a fun way to involve children in physical activity. This fills children with curiosity and enthusiasm.
  • Sit-ups and pull-ups: These exercises are fun activities for children. These strengthen core muscles and upper body parts.
  • Stretching: This is also very important to eliminate the risk of injuries. This cools down the body and helps to reduce the muscle strain.

If you are confused about how to take good care of your child and how to deal with various health conditions in infants or your grown-up child then Dr. Sachindar Jain Nawal is the best child specialist in Gurgaon who can provide you with the appropriate counseling and parenting tips to deal with all the health issues in children in a more efficient manner. For an appointment with Dr. Sachindar Jain Nawal call us or make an appointment online.


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