Teenage is a rapid development period which is completely separate from early childhood and adulthood. Youth forms a major portion of the countries population as the growth and development of the country depends upon them. The time of growing up from childhood to adulthood is called teenage or adolescence. The time of adolescence is not only about the physical growth, but mental and emotional growth, hormonal imbalance & fluctuation is also at its peak. Teenagers also have to face challenges with their bodies normal functioning, hormonal and emotional imbalance, go through a number of transitions while they mature and they may also have to deal with their relationships and other related issues as they move from childhood to adulthood.

They may feel the burden of additional responsibilities and a push for independence. Personal values, skills, and intelligence are also on the developmental phase in this age. Teenage starts at the age of and ends at 18. Teenager covers approximately more than 22% of India’s population. Teenagers require a  best child doctor in Gurgaon to counsel them and treating in a way that they can easily overcome the complication of the growing stage.

Major health complications in Teenagers:

Parents have to know about the major health-related risk teens face during their developmental age. Counsel your teens in a way that they can make healthy choices on their own. Here are some serious factors which can affect your teenager’s health very badly:

Alcohol, Cigarettes, and drugs: As teenage is an experimental time. Unfortunately, millions of teens are involved with drugs, cigarettes and alcohol abuse. A recent survey reported that 7 out of every 10 teens are using alcohol and drug abuse and numbers of deaths from these abuses are increasing day by day.

Eating disorder and obesity: Teenagers are not aware of their health as they never eat recommended healthy food including fruits and vegetables therefore more prone to develop eating related complications. High consumption of junk food and high-fat food is the major cause of obesity in teens. Some teens also develop eating disorders such as anorexia by starving themselves.

Depression and other mental disorders: Teenage depression is a major problem affecting 10.7% of all teens and 17% of teenagers have attempted suicide. Teens are highly sensitive to depression and other mental illnesses because of the emotional ups and downs. Suicidal thoughts due to depression are also a serious complication.

Violence and aggressive behaviour: Behaviour of teens strongly depends on the emotional imbalance. Most of the teenagers get bullied and involved in bullying activities themselves. Studies show that aggressive and behavior violent behavior is the major cause of premature deaths in many children, teens and youth.

Role of Parents:

Parents are the real role model for their children as they follow almost all the habits and the behavior of their parents.   

Nowadays parents are very much worried about their growing children especially during teen years and its normal. A good relationship between parents and their teenager child can facilitate a positive behavior, therefore reducing the physical, mental and emotional risks during the growing age. Recent research shows that a confident youth who feel supported by their parents and families are able to safely negotiate all the complication they face during this age.  A supportive and positive family behavior can be a protective factor against different health complications in teenagers and a healthy parent-teen relationship can make a huge impact on the stressful lives.

A proper counseling and support of the parents during the early teenage can act as a medicine for treating all teenage related health complications. Some of the countries have made it mandatory to appoint a counselor for teenagers however school counseling in India is in the experimental stage. Thousands of parents might be searching for a child clinic in Gurgaon or the best child doctor in Gurgaon to Counsel their teens.  If you are the parents of a teenager and your teen is also facing such complications, Dr. Sachinder Jain Nawal, a leading child doctor in Gurgaon might be the best suggestion, who not only can Counsel your teen but also can treat all the complications very effectively.

 Social Media: Impact on Teenagers

Born into the 21st century, millennials nowadays are more fluent in using a smartphone than changing a ribbon on a typewriter. It’s perfectly understood by the older generations that as we evolve, one must be tech savvy. Not that using smartphones or any other tech device is deemed bad, but just as a coin has two sides, the doors opened by the knowledge and opportunities of technological advancements are to be dealt with carefully. 

In these modern times it is easier to access the internet than ever before. Just as the internet is used for purposeful means it is also misused. Young adults and teenagers use social media than any other age group of individuals. As a millennial myself it is easy to relate that social media serves as the ultimate group of platforms in order to keep up with the new trends, our friends and family abroad and also to stalk our favourite celebrities. 

Even though at the face value of it this may seem harmless, it is no secret that teenagers have become “a part of their phones”. It has become so easy to connect with people from just a tap or a swipe that true relationships with people have been deteriorated to a virtual one. Due to our heavy use of technology and less use of our brain most aging adults calls us the dumbest generation and I frankly cannot argue with that. 

These are a few ways that social media impacts teens,

  • Since social media allows you to connect with other people without the chance of meeting them and embarrassing yourself, more teenagers put their faith of self- esteem and self-confidence behind a screen. 
  • Cyber-bullying may occur amongst young teens which lead to depression ad suicidal thoughts.
  • Social media is addictive which serves as a distraction and without proper monitoring, teenagers regard this as their top priority rather than friends, family, schoolwork etc.
  • Teenagers going through biological changes may feel pressured to transform themselves into their social media stars to please others.   
  • Using social media to express themselves without being easily detected, teenagers may not think before they type. This may lead to sharing of hate-speech, rumours etc. which will eventually lead back to bullying if it is targeted at a single person.

In conclusion, even though social media has many benefits like being an information outlet, a mode of expression and a genuine way to keep in touch with people that are far from you it can be easily be distorted to bring harm. It’s important that teenagers and parents alike are mindful about social media and the proper way to benefit from it in order to minimise the negative effects that can stem from social media. 

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