Parents constantly work towards providing the best possible care to their children and protecting them from getting some serious life-altering or life-threatening diseases is the first step towards giving them a healthy and secure future. Vaccination is one such preventable measure to protect your child from some complications and serious illnesses.  Vaccination refers to the administration of an antigen for stimulating the immune system of an individual in order to develop immunity against a pathogen. In lack of vaccination, your child is likely to suffer from paralysis of the limb, hearing loss, brain damage or convulsions. Vaccines are also important as it helps in preventing the contamination of disease from one child to the other, thus preventing an outbreak or epidemic. Vaccines are curated with utmost accuracy and long review and care by the scientists and doctor to ensure its safety and efficacy. To make sure your child is immune against some serious pathogenic diseases you need to get him vaccinated from the best vaccination clinic in Gurgaon.

Some of the common vaccines your child needs at various stages of his life to protect him from vaccine-preventable diseases are

Diphtheria, Tetanus and whooping cough (DTaP)

Five doses of DTaP vaccine is prescribed, out of which the first dose is given when your child is around 2 months, 2nd dose at 4 months, the 3rd dose at 6 months and remaining at 12-15 months.


Usually, two doses of chickenpox vaccine are prescribed. The first dose is given when your child is 12-15 months of age and the second dose at 4-6 years.

Hepatitis A

Two doses of hepatitis A vaccine are recommended. One out of which is given at the age of 1 year and the second dose is given after 6-12 months.

Hepatitis B

Depending upon the brand of vaccine your children might require 3-4 doses of Hepatitis B vaccine. The first dose is administered after birth, the second dose when he is around 1-2 months, third at 4-6 months (if required) and the last dose at the age of 6-18 months.

Haemophilus influenza type B (Hib)

Your child may need around 3 to 4 doses of Hib vaccine. The first dose is given at around 2 months, second at 4 months, the third dose is administered at 6 months and the final dose is given at 12-15 months.


Influenza vaccines are not specific to children only. They need to be given every fall or winter and your child might require them twice a year as well. Consult the paediatrician from the best vaccination clinic in Gurgaon.

Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)

Two doses of MMR vaccine is required for your child. The first dose is given at 12-15 months and the second dose is given at 4-6 years of age.

Meningococcal (MenACWY, MCV4, MenB)

A child or an infant between 0-10 years who are suffering from the condition of non-functional spleen needs one or both doses. It is important to consult the healthcare provider to find out whether your child needs meningococcal vaccination in Gurgaon.

Polio (IPV)

Four doses of polio vaccine (IPV) is needed out of which the first dose is given at 2 months, the second dose at 4th month, the third dose in 6-18 months and the final dose is administered at 4-6 years.

Vitamin K shot 

Since new-borns have low levels of vitamin K in their bodies this vaccine is given to them which aids blood to clot. Even though deficiency in Vitamin K is a rare problem it is a serious one. This shot is given in the upper leg of the new-born and helps prevent dangerous bleeding problems. 


This vaccine is given to prevent or use against tuberculosis and in areas were tuberculosis or leprosy is common it is compulsory for the baby to receive this shot as close as to the time of birth as possible which is generally within 24 hours.

Rotavirus (RV)

Usually, two to three doses of Rotavirus is given to the child, the first dose of which starts at 2 months, the second dose is given at 4 months and if needed the third dose is given at 6 months.

Pneumococcal (Prevnar conjugated vaccine{ PCV}, Pneumovax polysaccharide vaccine{PPSV})

Four doses of Prevnar vaccine is needed to be given at 2nd, 4th, 6th and 12-15 months. Some children might need an additional vaccine of PPSV with the consultation of your health care provider to prevent your child from pneumococcal disease.

Keeping up-to-date with these vaccines is important for your child’s sound health. If you also want to protect your child against the serious complications of these vaccine-preventable diseases then consult Dr Sachinder Nawal who is the best pediatrician at the best vaccination clinic in Gurgaon. For appointments call or visit our website.

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